About TVS

TVS is a Credit Reporting Agency that has been serving the needs of the Residential Rental Industry since 2001 by providing tenant screening services that help you make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing a tenant. Tenant screening should include a consumer credit report, criminal record search and an eviction record search on any applicant applying for your rental. It is also suggested that you perform an employment & income record search to help verify your applicant's employment and determine if they are gainfully employed.

The primary goal of TVS Tenant Verification Service is to assist landlords and property managers in identifying and thereby eliminating delinquent tenants as potential renters. Credit worthiness and tenant worthiness are two criteria for landlords to determine with regards to prospective renters. Our Operating Instructions and our Landlord Guide are additional tools that will assist you throughout the screening process. Tenant Screening is one of the most important aspects of running a profitable rental business. All tenant checks should meet the criteria as previously mentioned, and TVS can help!

TVS obtains a tenant credit report which includes a credit score for members from a major credit bureau(s). TVS can also conduct a criminal record search and an eviction record search on your prospective tenant(s).

TVS helps landlords prevent fraud and reduce the risk of income loss with an effective tenant screening service that includes a Notice to Tenant which is an impact statement. It advises the consequences for leaving a landlord stuck with unpaid rental fees or damaged rental property that results in a debt.

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