How to get FREE Tenant Reports with TVS

It is the primary responsibility of all landlords to find the perfect tenant to occupy the property. In order to find tenants who pay rent on time and take care of the rental property it is imperative to run tenant credit checks. Tenant credit checks are a great way to find out if you have a tenant that is likely to pay rent on time!

Tenant reports don't have to be costly! Free tenant credit reports are easy with TVS when you choose Option #1 on the Get Started page and sign up to receive consumer credit reports via Experian Credit Bureau. You can receive these reports free when you choose applicant pays upon ordering.

Free Reports are not just limited to free consumer credit reports. You can also have the applicant pay for the criminal background check, eviction search and the employment & income verification reports. TVS is pleased to offer comprehensive tenant screening services to help save you time; as well as reduce the risk of rental income loss.


How does it work?

Landlord signs up and Sends request.
You create your online account with TVS. Once created, you choose the reports you want and a request is automatically sent to your applicant.
Applicant applies online.
Your applicant securely provides TVS with the information required to identify them and process their reports.
TVS processes the reports.
As soon as your applicant provides TVS with their electronic consent and Authorization, their reports are processed.
Landlord receives reports.
Results are securely delivered to your TVS account. You will receive an email notification to let you know they are ready.

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