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Free Tenant Reports
Tenant Verification Services provides you with Free Tenant Reports when choosing Option 1 on the Get Started page during signup.

Why use TVS USA
Without TVS USA you risk renting to tenants who may be playing the fraud rental game, and have intent to use you as part of their revolving line of credit. TVS will help minimize your risk of fraud and income loss!

Who We Are
Who are we? TVS Tenant Verification Service is

TVS Credit Checks are Different
What makes TVS different from other Tenant Screening Companies and why make a bold statement like Money Back?

Nationwide Criminal Record Check Screening
U.S.A.TVS utilizes one of the largest databases in the country for criminal record searches, all electronic information that is made available you have access to.

Eviction Search
Run an Eviction Search today and ensure you have the most qualified Tenants renting your properties.

Criminal Record Check
Tenant Verification Services provides you with Criminal Record Checks, tenant screenings, tenant screening checks and rental credit checks.

Tenant Fraud
Statewide Eviction Search USA - The Tenant Eviction Search is sourced from one of the largest tenant eviction databases in the U.S.

Enhance Tenant Rent Application
How can you increase your chances of renting over other rental clients?

Signup Landlords 1-10 Properties
If you are a landlord with 1-10 properties, then chances are you will want to use Experian Credit Bureau for the tenant credit report.

Signup Property Managers More than 10 Properties
If you are a property manager with more than 10 properties, then chances are you will want to use TransUnion Credit Bureau for the tenant credit report.

Signup with Site Inspection
LANDLORD APPLICATION (with Site Inspection - TransUnion)

Landlord/Property Manager Signup
Welcome Landlords and Property managers!Choose your membership mode from the link above

Signup for T/U Short Report
LANDLORD APPLICATION (with Short Report - TransUnion)

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Signup for Experian Connect

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Signup for TransUnion Short Report

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Signup for TransUnion

Criminal Record Search Premium

Utilize the many Resources that TVS has to offer Landlords and Property Managers relating to Tenant Screening and the process.

Tenant Benefits
TVS authenticates the landlord or property manager who requests your consumer reports. This means that the landlord or property manager is identified.

Password recovery procedure
Recover your password by confirming your identity.

Eviction Record Search
Tenant screening for USA evictions or running a USA eviction record search is a vital part of the Tenant Screening process.

Criminal Record Check
Tenant Verification Services provides you with criminal record checks. Find out what service options are best for your needs.

Free Tenant Search
Each time that you submit a request for a prospective tenant the database is searched to determine if a previous inquiry or tenant pay habit has been reported, this is a FREE Service that benefits all TVS and TVS members.

Landlord And Tenant Information
The relationship between a landlord and tenant should be a healthy one so that both can enjoy the benefits. In many instances this is not the case. To help make the relationship easier it is a good idea for both tenants and landlords to know their rights

Privacy Policy
TVS Tenant Verification Service is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your personal information. As part of this commitment, the following Ten Privacy Principles govern our actions as they relate to the use of customer

Registered Sex Offender Search USA
Avoid Bad Tenants with a Detailed Registered Sex Offender Search USA

Fraud Rental Game
Owning or managing a rental property can be a full time job and a full time headache if your landlord business does not have a fraud prevention program, particularly if you get a tenant that has previously played the fraud rental game and has intent to de

USA Tenant Screening
TVS has the easiest most effective tenant screening process in the Industry.

What We Do
Offering USA Tenant Screening, Tenant Credit Checks, Registered Sex Offender Search, Criminal Record Checks, Eviction Record Search, Address Verification Search, Commercial Credit Check, Tenant Screening, Tenant Pay Habit Reporting, Landlord and Tenant In

About TVS
Tenant Verification Services provides you with tenant background screenings, tenant screening, tenant credit reports and shows you how to run a credit check on a tenant.

Why Tenant Screening
Tenant screening including tenant credit checks, eviction record searches and criminal record checks are a necessary part in determining if your prospective tenant has a good rental history and will be a rent worthy tenant for you.

Tenant Screening
TVS Tenant Verification Service Inc. provides landlords, property managers and realtors with the reports necessary to help with their tenant verification and screening needs.

Tenants Consumer Credit Report
Tenants can utilize TVS Tenant Screening CCR Passports to allow themselves run Tenant Screening checks and more. Get a CCR Passport today.

Landlords Consumer Credit Check
The TVS Tenant Screening CCR Passport will allow you to screen tenants, run criminal record searches, background checks, and more.

Why was there no Fico Score or no Record Found on my prospective tenant?
The Applicant does not have any credit history that has been reported in the last six months because there were no accounts or trade balances that were active and being reported on which would generate a FICO score Or...

Tenant credit check USA
Obtaining credit, criminal and eviction checks on Prospective Tenant\\\'s are valuable landlord tools, and the forms, and explanation guides enhance TVS U.S. tenant credit check system and provides a more effective tenant screening for United States landlor

Fraud prevention tool
The Credit report saves you time, money and guess work. It is a fraud prevention tool that also reduces risk of income loss.

Criminal Report Coverage
TVS provides Landlords and Property Managers with Criminal Report Check Coverage!

Commercial Credit Check
Avoid Bad Tenants with a Detailed Commercial Credit Check.

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