Small Business Landlords

1-10 properties

Click to browse an Experian Credit report sample

Click to browse an Experian Credit report sample

Experian Tenant Credit Report

If you are a landlord with 1-10 properties, then chances are you will want to use Experian Credit Bureau for the tenant credit report.

  • No site inspection required which is an annual cost of $60.00 and your home office needs to meet certain criteria e.g.
    - separate room/office in residence with locking door
    - locking file cabinet for tenant files
    - shredder
    - password protected PC
  • Tenant orders own credit report and pays for it. No points deducted from tenant score and authorization is given online.
  • How fast the tenant reacts to the request for own credit report may determine how he/she will react to:
    - On time rent payment
    - Requests regarding property maintenance and need for immediate repair
  • This is ideally the Small business option.
  • Absolutely NO paperwork needed. Both you and Tenant have to answer a questionnaire online and that's it.'
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