Credit Report - Fraud Prevention Tool

TVS Credit Reports:

  • Help to identity your applicant. They will confirm name and date of birth.
  • Validate your applicant´┐Żs Social Security Number which also helps to confirm their identity.
  • In most instances will list current and previous addresses which can be compared to the rental application.
  • Provide a Credit Score: The credit bureaus provide a risk assessment based on credit activity. The score recommended for the residential rental industry is 650 or higher. A score above 650 is usually indicative of a good credit history and on time payments. A score below 650 generally indicates that there is a credit risk associated to this consumer. The credit history in this instance (below 650) would likely show payment problems. The higher the score the better.

The Credit report saves you time, money and guess work. It is a fraud prevention tool that also reduces risk of income loss.

Tenant screening should always include a credit report, it is an inexpensive way of helping you choose a low risk tenant that will maintain profitability for your landlord business.

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