How can you enhance your chances of renting over other rental applicants?

Create a portfolio that gives you credibility and shows credit and tenant worthiness.

What should my Portfolio Contain?

  • 3 months' worth of bank statements that show
    1. Regular pay check deposits from employer
    2. No NSF charges.
    3. A balance that shows you can pay the security deposit.

         Note: You can black out information that you do not wish to show or is not pertinent.


  • Provide most current W2 and/or 2-4 pay stubs from current employer

  • Letter from employer - indicating the length of time employed, perhaps position held, bi-weekly income and a brief character reference. Include telephone # and name of person who can verify employment.

  • Letter from current and/or past landlords indicating
    1. Rent dates. When to when.
    2. Rent payment history- on time!
    3. Security deposit was returned or will be returned when you leave
    4. Landlord would rent to you again? This is an indication of good character.
    5. Landlord telephone number and/or email address.


  • Reference Letters
    1. From credible Sources
    2. From Co-worker(s) or Boss


  • Documents (at least one of these)
    1. Driver's License (photo ID)
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. SSN Card
    4. State issued I.D. (photo ID)


If you present yourself in a mature manner, and comply with all application requests in a timely fashion, then you increase the probability of getting the rental suite that you want.

It is up to you to convince the landlord that you are Tenant Worthy. Good Luck!


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